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Bearing Manufacturing Co

Project Brief

Outdo was commissioned to revamp the website for Bearing Manufacturing Co., a leader in the production of various types of bearings. The primary objectives were to showcase their range of products in a well-categorized manner and to enhance the overall user experience.


Bearing Manufacturing Co.


Website Structure Streamlining
Product Showcase
Brand Storytelling
Technical Oversight
SEO optimization


Nov 2023

The Solution

The challenge was to condense a previously extensive and confusing website into a more concise, user-friendly platform. We achieved this by:

Streamlined Product Categories: Organizing products into four main categories - Ball and Roller Bearings, Slewing Rings, Conveyor Bearings, and Wire Role Bearings.

Enhanced Brand Presentation: Highlighting the company's long-standing history and credibility in the industry.

Clear Communication: Ensuring all information from the previous website was accurately and effectively represented.

Visual Aesthetics: Upgrading the website's look to reflect a more premium brand image.

This approach not only made the website more navigable but also more effectively communicated the company's expertise and product range.

Results and Impact

The revamped website was well-received, with the client expressing immense satisfaction. The project, spanning five months, resulted in a premium-looking website that effectively showcases the company's products and brand ethos. The client appreciated the clear communication and the improved presentation of their product range.

Additional Insights

This project was a testament to Outdo's collaborative approach and commitment to delivering tailored solutions. Our close coordination with the client ensured that every aspect of the website aligned with their vision and our expertise in web design and development.


The successful redesign of the Bearing Manufacturing Co. website showcases Outdo's ability to transform complex, extensive information into a streamlined, user-friendly digital experience. This project stands as a prime example of our dedication to enhancing brand presence and user engagement through thoughtful web design.

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