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Project Brief

Outdo was tasked with creating a digital platform for theBalipara Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation and community empowerment. The primary goal was to develop a website that not only serves as an informational hub but also as a dynamic platform to engage and inspire action.


BaliPara Foundation


Tech Selection
UI/UX design
Content strategy
SEO optimization
performance analytics


Dec 2018

The Solution

The website was meticulously crafted to address the Foundation's needs for a robust online presence. Key features include:

Interactive Maps: Showcasing the Foundation's project locations and impacts, along with various nature initiatives.

EHNF Dedicated Pages: We developed well-structured pages for the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum (EHNF), the largest nature conference hosted by the Foundation. These pages were meticulously designed to archive past event data and showcase current information, including registrations, agenda, concept notes, and a media gallery.

Donation Page: Simplifying the process of making donations.

Mobile-First Design: Ensuring optimal user experience across all devices.

SEO Optimization: Enhancing online visibility and reach.

These features significantly improved user experience and engagement, making the website an effective tool for the Foundation's outreach and fundraising efforts.

Results and Impact

Post-launch, the website has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Foundation and its stakeholders. The ease of navigation and the addition of a user-friendly donation page have been particularly praised. While specific metrics on improvements are not available, the qualitative feedback underscores the website's success in meeting its objectives.


Let’s collaborate and make an impact with my cross-discipline approach to design and deveopment.

My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user friendly but at the same time attractive. My aim is to bring across your message and identity in the most creative way. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs. When I’m not coding or pushing pixels, you’ll find me in the pool or on the court shooting hoops.


This project exemplifies Outdo's commitment to delivering innovative, user-centric digital solutions. Our approach, rooted in understanding the client's mission and audience, has resulted in a website that not only meets the Foundation's needs but also sets a new standard in non-profit web design. We are proud to have contributed to theBalipara Foundation's noble cause and look forward to seeing the continued impact of our work.

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